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Everything you need to know about safety and health in Monaco

Before moving to Monaco, it is important to check the safety conditions and the accessibility of health services, because our quality of life increases and decreases according to their standard. In our article, you will learn more about the incomparable security system in Monaco and you will get an overview of the organisation of health services.

Security in Monaco

In Monaco, the basic principle of the security service is to offer a completely harmonious daily life to the citizens. No one should have to worry about wearing their jewellery in the street or being confronted with inconveniences when they are out and about.

Reliable security measures to ensure the protection of citizens

To guarantee these standards, the Monegasque security service applies various measures:

  • A 24-hour video surveillance system throughout the Principality.
  • Security in almost every building
  • 1:100 ratio of police to residents
  • Surveillance teams in hotels and entertainment venues
  • The ability to block all access to the principality within minutes.

Monaco's police officers are particularly well trained to ensure "total security" at the request of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. In recent years, police patrols have increased and an active exchange has been established between the Principality and its citizens, for optimal crime awareness and prevention.

Strict rules for a harmonious life

The Security Department takes a strict approach to any behaviour that may affect the tranquillity of the Principality, such as

  • Non-compliance with traffic regulations;
  • Begging in the streets;
  • Inadequate clothing;
  • Being underdressed on the streets (bare-chested, barefoot or in a swimming suit).

h2 : Health care in Monaco

The Monegasque health care system is similar to the French system as it consists of a public and a private sector. The main sources of funding for the Caisses Sociales de Monaco (CSM) are contributions from employers, who contribute 24% of their payroll, and employees, who contribute 15% of their income. The health system is then free for all those who pay contributions.

h3 : Medical facilities in the Principality

The Principality of Monaco places great importance on maintaining its various health establishments. Depending on your needs, you can call on different types of establishments:

  • Pharmacies - For all prescription and non-prescription medicines, for minor health advice.
  • General doctors - General doctors are the first point of contact for medical questions.
  • Health facilities - for emergencies or special treatments
    • The Princess Grace Hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment (scanner, MRI, radiology, etc.).
    • The Cardio-Thoracic Centre, created in 1987, deals with thoracic and cardiovascular pathologies.
    • The Haemodialysis Centre, inaugurated in 1989, allows the reception of renal patients in complete safety.
    • The IM2S - Monegasque Institute of Sports Medicine and Surgery - opened in February 2006, is an establishment dedicated to osteoarticular medicine and surgery.

The Principality's citizens enjoy the privilege of a secure daily life and benefit from an efficient, accessible health system, with all medical facilities directly available to them. So, if you would like to know more about life in Monaco or about the formalities for settling in the Principality, browse through our articles.

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